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Thanksgiving and LARPing - Mostly LARPing

Had a good Thanksgiving, despite traffic and poorly devised plans which mostly involved me being stubborn and saying WE-CAN-DO-IT! We did manage, although we were late to the party in New Jersey. Overall, I love that our kids have a sense of the extended family. It doesn’t hurt that I like Bess’ family a lot. We also saw Big Hero 6. It was awesome and I loved it. This might be one we have to own.

I spent part of yesterday (between taking calls at work) working on Ondrej Vlk’s family history. I have a family tree and a few additional stories. I hope to submit this addition by the end of the week. It is curious because I seem to be painting him much more sympathetic than I originally envisioned. This might be because I have already played him longer than expected? In any case, I like his background more now, and some of his history that he has been telling people might be exaggerations.

In similar LARP news, I have been poking my build for 5th Gate. Now that a teammate is taking on the role of Heart of the Warband, I am focusing on being a big damn caster. The more I play with the build, the more my card gets confusing as hell. I had hoped to keep it simple, but now I have at least two skills for each statistic and a pool of per event statistics to share on my skills just in case. It makes sense, and is a good build that will allow me to throw a lot of uncalled packets (and 3 back-up thrown weapons because at 1CP why not?) but it won’t be easy to keep track of all my skills and incants and stuff. AGAIN! If, for some reason, I pick up Heart of the Warband later, the build will be good for that as well. Most of my utility comes from having a big pool of uncalled packets. This is good by me because, on reflection, my main advantage as a packet chucker is that my throwing arm has excellent range. Being able to throw over our defensive line into a cluster of foes will be too much fun and I can enjoy doing that ALL DAY. Plus, the Necromancer header (with a slice of Dead Speaker) will provide a lot of great role-play possibilities. I suspect that I will end up taking Heart of the Warband as I build my character and we realize we need another war band, but I will let that form organically in game. It is a relief to dial back down to two headers. Also? The off-hand weapon skill for the Necromancer does not specify the type of weapon being held, just the material (bone). This means I could be a caster with a pole-arm or a two-hander, which, you know, is a complete weapon form. Not that staff isn’t, but pole arm is even cooler… and bone? If I do this right, it will look AWESOME!

Cottington Woods is coming up, and I am excited for the ball. I ordered a tailcoat on EBAY and it is not quite right. It is too nice for HAY! So, I am stuck with the dilemma, do I mess it up a bit and add patches, or do I keep it for other LARP uses? Part of me just wants to make HAY! a much more awkward coat. Maybe I can make a quick mock up for a tailcoat, and make it in some rough fabric, and use that mock up for HAY! It is a thought. Who knew doing too well on Ebay was a problem?

With the holidays coming up, I am horribly off for getting presents. I have a few ideas, but I will need to wait for my next payday (Dec 9) to pursue these. My budgeting in 2014 has been HORRIBLE! I must get this under control next year.

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Occams, Ondrej

The Anti-Ondrej

So, in light of last weekend, I feel like I ought to roll up a back-up character for Occam's Razor. It is not a necessity. I imagine that Ondrej has the support and tenacity to last the campaign, plus the staff seem to like and reinforce the concept. I do not think there are a lot of players who have invested their characters with background skills like Contact or three levels of Corporate Ranking. He is an oddly focused fellow. Still, the kid gloves are off and characters can perm. If presented with a choice, his life or Charlotte's, he might actually sacrifice himself. He might. I don't think there is anything else he'd kill himself for yet, and that is the most notable way out of game so far. That, or several trips through the res mechanic, and he hasn't even gone once.

Still, it makes one think. If I had to come into the game as a new character, I would want one who is completely different. Not so much because I don't want to play in the same circles, although it would be confusing to reinsert myself into Ondrej plot, but because I like playing lots of different games. Looking at Kristoff versus HAY versus Ondrej, it is clear that I enjoy characters with hugely different voices, physicality and builds. Plus, I would probably love freaking people out by playing a character that is so totally unidentifiable Ondrej it is amazing.

So, I think the back-up concept is a hippy shaman who wields Shamanic magic - hair down in the face, bandanna and poncho, lots of "Dude... man.. cool... vibe." and a big old grin. Probably a chaotic good, staff wielding mystic type. Race is not-human (and undecided, but a few possibilities) His game will be a very different circle, but probably closely related to Billy St. Francis, and JD Walker, and I dunno who - I am so far from this circle of the game it is crazy. But essentially, almost every axis that Ondrej chooses, this guy rejects.

I'm not eager to play this guy, but it is curious to have a back-up in my pocket, and it would be fun to play a staff fighter with magic who can actually run around and fight a different fight. I had a back-up concept for Cottington that I have no intention of playing, but was there if they didn't like my golem. This is different though.

How do other people feel about getting permed and having a back-up character? How does that feel?

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Occams, Ondrej

Random Highlights from Occam's Razor

It always amazes me how someone with a bum leg can be stealthy. I took out ninja, a flak jacketed soldier, and a sniper in a bell tower. This from a man who CAN'T RUN. Ondrej has a trick knee and spends all game under permanent slow. Apparently, you don't have to run to get the jump on someone. The Bell Tower, though... ...amazing!

Also HUGE rp compliment - "It is so weird to hear you talk without an accent. I thought it was real." I have to note, even when I do happen to drop out of character, asking for clarifications and such, I keep the accent because I can't shake it at that point.

It felt good to trust my instincts about a plot that could have wound up with a grant or inflict. I sort of felt like the ally had our best interests at heart, and he really did. I'm looking forward to seeing how being in this horrible corner will help me deal with the other evils in this world.

Someone on my team essentially became an OR version of a Fallen, and we had to PERM him... ...in perhaps the most disgusting way possible. This was a character that Ondrej had just become to look at as a brother, and then he had to order his death. UGH. There was no choice. Really hard stuff. Luckily, I knew OOG, that Clock was finally enjoying his character more than before. A good ending is a great thing.

Seeing and fleeing from the robots I donated to the game. OMG, those toys are horrifying. 3 damage/3 damage/5 damage (wash rinse repeat)

Making the decision to stick with the Court of Dusk and Gloam-ridden trait when all the other players were like, "We don't want to be their pawns." Then getting audience with the Dusk King being fun and AWESOME the next night. Chance to fight for the SWORD OF PEACE? (that is hilarious by the way - fight for peace!) Also, how many ways can I swear allegiance to Ezra?

After MY mission to eradicate the Yakuza in the area, I realize I never promised anyone payment. I pay off all the medics and doctors anyway, because that is how I roll. I really want as many healers in my wallet as I can fit.

We all learned that the death mechanic can taint people. Oh hell! So glad I have not died. Must do all I can to keep it that way. Need to pay medics more.

Did I mention taking out a sniper in the bell tower? With a cane? Cause that was AWESOME! So super sneaky and unexpected. Rockstar moment of game. Big risk, too. I had no backup and if he had shot me, I would have been a well-dressed, bloody corpse.

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LARP, home, LARP repeat

So, my calender is pretty much LARP-centric lately, and will be next year. Do not be surprised if this LJ becomes largely a forum for LARP topics. One of those things. Next year? Here is what I got...

10-12 Cottington Woods (and missing Occams Razor, drat conflicts)
17-19 Shadows of Amun
1-3 Fifth Gate (I am not playing this - okay, I might be)
8-10 Bess goes to Clockwork Skies to NPC
15-17 Occams Razor
22-24 Shadows of Amun (Memorial Day weekend. conflict with Aralis CLOSER - SADface)
29-31 Bess goes to 5th Gate
5-7 Cottington Woods (Bess misses Clockwork Skies)


4-6 I go to 5th Gate
11-13 Clockwork Skies for Bess
18-20 Cottington Woods
25-27 Shadows of Amun
2-4 Bess at 5th Gate
9-11 Bess at Clockwork Skies
31- Occams Razor

So, for four games each, and 5 total, there is only 1 conflict for me, and 1 conflict for Bess. That is pretty amazing. Also, CRAZY

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