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The Song of Armandy

This is the song/poem I have been working on for the Seven Virtues LARP. The working title was the unification song, but I've forgone humility in true bardic fashion and renamed it "The Song of Armandy." (Not "A" song, "the" song) I think it is done. Phew.

I'm welcoming comments from those in the game (for content and style) and those not in the game who might just look at form and meter. I am quite open to the possibility of editing. Of course, it is hidden by a cut for the disinterested.

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Is that a weapon in your pocket...

So, combat LARP question; how does one conceal a dagger? With padding, they are the size of my forearm! I certainly can't just slip one up my sleeve. Not essential, but one of those things that made me go "hrmm" this morning.

In other news, I'm having an unfocused morning.

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Today was a good day

It was beautiful out. I took Noah and Nonny for a 1 mile walk. I cleaned up a little. We hit the new Lowes in Lowell and ought supplies for boffers. I put together a boffer dagger and a short sword and have supplies for a lot more. My weapons look cheap and duct-tape, but they are cheep and duct tape. Then we went out to visit a friend's child's birthday party and the kids did not want to leave.

Somewhere in there, I found some of my Game notes from Intercon, including a sonnet I spontaneously composed in character while on the jury panel in Camelot's Court of Love. I read this privately to the object of my affections after having my confidence boosted by a spell;

Oh, the grace within my heart
Fills my head with words confused
But within my noblest start
I would plead my sad soul is bruised
For Months we part and months I die
I would not wish to be untrue
No letters from my hand could fly
Although to heav'n my good prayers flew
I can't dear flower ask to forgive
The absence duty has caused to wound
Yet as my love doth thrive and live
So doth my tongue fall all a'swoon
Though these words aren't voiced alone
Yet would I wish you were my own.

I can't believe she turned away after THAT! I managed to pen this in about five minutes. Luckily, the dramatic situation gave me enough room for the grand, romantic theme. I have to say, I am rather pleased with the result, although it is a bit saccharine. It is good practice. I think I will be doing a bit of spontaneous writing/singing in the Seven Virtues game.

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Seven Virtues Campaign LARP - Help this N00B!

So, now that Intercon is done, Bess and I have turned our attention back to playing in Seven Virtues. For those people who are new to my LJ (HI!), my wife and I haven't done the LARP campaign thing before and we are correcting this by getting on board 7V at the start.

And we don't really know what we are doing!
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Sorry for the frantic flailing (and to those who aren't interested in LARP whatsoever). I just realized we have a little over a week to prepare and despite being a master procrastinator, I panic. Panic! Panic!

EDIT: tpau successfully hit me with a clue brick. I'm still soliciting opinions and general ideas, but major missing puzzle piece is back in place. THANKS!

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