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Five Happy thoughts for the day…

Running a small LARP means I can e-mail my players 1-1 and discuss casting choices and preferences personally.

"Maui Man, you can try, try try, but you can't expect a demigod to beat a decapod (look it up)" – Shiny, Jemaine Clements on the Moana soundtrack

We have a new boss at the office. He seems reasonable, but I have “Don’t get fooled, again” running through my head.

In The Name of the Wind, my current audiobook, Kvothe is being vindictive. It is enjoyable, vicariously, and I realized it is a truth about realistic heroes. Even the best people, heroes, suck sometimes. Also, the internet tells me that Kvothe Meme is a thing.

I really enjoyed Sam Adam’s HOPFLAKE WHITE IPA from the Winter mix. When did I become an IPA guy?

More anon…
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