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Pennsic is acumen in

Commedia practice last night went pretty well. One show is smoking good - lots of energy and zing - the other is limping along, but has a lot of potential. I really need to up my game and get excited for it. Hopefully, the Pennsic audience will help. In any case, I am enjoying getting back in the swing of things and hanging out with these people.

I just ordered a pair of Frye boots. Amazon has them on unbelievable sale, and I had a couple of gift cards, so I couldn't resist. Farewell money! Hello, kick butt boots with reasonable support. Just in time for Pennsic, no less. Not quite period, but fine for war. .. and study. What? Don't judge me. I can judge myself just fine.

I'm think 4-5 good outfits and a laundry run. I probably could go without the laundry run, but prepping 4 good outfits is easier than 5 good ones and a few crappy ones. Meh. I'll probably spend half the week in the Cristovau outfit anyway.

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