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Seven Virtues Campaign LARP - Help this N00B!

So, now that Intercon is done, Bess and I have turned our attention back to playing in Seven Virtues. For those people who are new to my LJ (HI!), my wife and I haven't done the LARP campaign thing before and we are correcting this by getting on board 7V at the start.

And we don't really know what we are doing!

I mean, writing up a character background was fun and we made some _interesting_ choices. But we don't have a group of people to interact with, which I don't know... it necessary? Can I blunder up to a group and say, "My name is Kristoff. I'm from Torheim and I'm here to help," or is that gauche? Will we get introduced to other free floaters? Can I expect to meet up with similar characters (Torhi refugees)?

Also, we are a bit confused about character creation. I mean, I get the idea of picking skills and all, but I have no idea if skill X or Y are actually useful. What the hell does ROOT mean in terms of the game mechanics? It seems like some specific sort of spell effect... it paralyze or bind or something like this? And could I, should I, would I hold some character development points in reserve? I mean, I am pretty sure I know the weapon form I want to enter the game with (sword & board) - and I could take other forms, but having six unspent points would mean I could pick up another style later on once I know what I actually like, and once I understand how this crap works.

Final concern, weapons; I have zip. I think I have some materials to make something, but I want to make sure it meets standards and code. Can I borrow a boffer sword and shield? Is there a good site that explains the process for making such? How many packets should Bess (a blood witch) bring?

Sorry for the frantic flailing (and to those who aren't interested in LARP whatsoever). I just realized we have a little over a week to prepare and despite being a master procrastinator, I panic. Panic! Panic!

EDIT: tpau successfully hit me with a clue brick. I'm still soliciting opinions and general ideas, but major missing puzzle piece is back in place. THANKS!

More anon...
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